I feel very privileged that we have such an international, culturally diverse group of friends and family. Friends’ weddings have brought us to many exotic places over the years - India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Morocco, and just last weekend, Helsingborg in Sweden. Since Helsingborg is a seaside town that’s very close to the Danish border, we combined the trip with a couple of days in Copenhagen.

Before I start, can I just take a second to say I was really impressed with Norwegian Air’s in-flight wifi? Ok, it was a bit patchy, but still pretty amazing, don’t you think?

I had actually been to Scandinavia before, but as barely a teenager, I didn’t really appreciate the trip fully. The only memories I had were eating a lot of crayfish, and that all the places we visited were super quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover a buzzing Copenhagen this time! With its pretty canals and people-friendly cycle lanes, the city reminds me a lot of Amsterdam. Everyone we met was friendly and spoke immaculate English, which made exploring the city that much easier. Copenhagen is pretty small, so apart from taking the train between the airport and the hotel, we just walked everywhere with one exception… we did a Segway tour!!!

Jimmy suggested we do the Segway tour after spotting it in the streets and finding out that it was the second most highly rated activity on TripAdvisor. If I’m completely honest, I was a bit scared of riding the Segway. I mean, I’m not exactly the most outdoors-y person. I don’t drive or know how to ride a bicycle (don’t judge me…), and “Mr Segway” himself died after falling off the cliffs on one of his own electric, two-wheeled scooters! So when the hubs was having a snooze, I secretly looked up “is the Segway scary” on Google… After reading many reassuring reviews though, I decided to be adventurous, and I’m so glad I did!

Tour guide selfie time!

We were told to arrive 10 minutes early for safety briefing and training in an off-street area, and were given helmets fitted with a radio system so that we could listen to the guide throughout the one hour tour. It took me a couple of minutes to get used to balancing, but before long I was zooming around. The tour took us through some of Copenhagen’s top attractions - Nyhavn, Str├©get, Amalienborg Palace, Frederik’s Church (aka Marble Church), etc. It is the perfect way to hit all the sights if you don’t have much time, and I now wish we’d done the 2 hour tour instead! I have to admit though, between looking out for traffic and snapping photos on my iPhone, I didn’t really take in too much of the guide’s commentary… oops!

We also did a canal boat tour from Gammel Strand, walked through Str├©get (one of Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping streets), drank Danish beer and ate Sm├©rrebr├©d (open faced sandwich on rye bread) in Amagertorv, strolled along the colourful houses in Nyhavn, and visited the Little Mermaid, etc. I’m no good with words though, so I’m going to bore you with a million photos instead. Enjoy! x