Hello! Sorry it’s been a while… poor Jimmy’s got shingles so I’ve been a little distracted. Luckily he’s on the mend which means, hurrah, I’m back!

The only upside of looking after a poorly hubby was that I got to faff about and practise my new found photography and styling skills whilst he was resting, and I’m super excited to report that my efforts were featured in 3 Instagram competitions in the last week!

This little measuring cup and wax flowers combo was one of the #myweekofsimplicity favourites, as chosen by Julia @juliabesidethesea for @its_ my_week.

This little beauty taken at Emily’s Makelight workshop was featured by trend and moodboarding expert, Gudy @gudyherder for her weekly #itsamoodywednesday competition. It was extra special because another Makelight student, Kerry @blossomtreekerry, was also featured, and Emily @emilyquinton was the winner!

And to top the week off, the fabulous blogger and photographer, Lucy @capturebylucy selected this as one of her #capturingcolour favourites for the week of purple!

These may seem like a tiny achievement, but it’s a massive confidence boost for me! I’ve always loved taking photos, so it’s like a dream come true to be recognised by pros! And if you want to follow my journey as I improve my wannabe photographer skills, my Instagram account is @lingyeungb!

Speaking of dream… I think often we get so caught up in life itself that we forget to take time out to reflect and dream a little. I’m not one for new year’s resolutions - mostly because I tend to break them in the blink of an eye - but I’ve decided that “dream” will be my focus for 2015.

I don’t really know what my dream is, except that it’s something fun, creative, interactive and surrounded by prettiness (sounds like the opposite of my job, ha!). I’ve said for years that I want to own a café with a flower shop, but I have no idea if that really is my dream job!

So this year, I’m going to make time for fun, creative stuff and hopefully figure out what my dream is in the process. I want to cook yummy food and bake pretty cakes, learn floristry and calligraphy, practise photography and develop my own style, and generally create beautiful memories!

I’m very fortunate that I know I have a very supportive network of family and friends who will nurture my dreams. To commemorate this, I did a little notebook DIY for myself, the hubs, and some of my closest girl friends (I can’t wait to give them their little presents at our girls’ dinner tomorrow)!

dare to dream A reminder for myself that I shouldn’t be afraid to dream. I’ve already been using it to jot down styling and DIY ideas when they pop into my head!

if your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough Jimmy’s such a techie I’m not sure he’s gonna use pen and paper much, but hopefully this will inspire him to start working on his massive list of techie ideas!

chase your dreams This is for one of the most genuine, kind-hearted people I know. She has so many talents but is perhaps too comfortable/lazy to do anything about her dreams! :p

turn your dreams into plans This one’s for my ultimate planner friend – she literally has a project plan for every detail in her life! I hope this will be useful for her house renovation project this year!

let your dreams run wild This one’s for the craziest, most free-spirited girl I know, and I hope she never stops dreaming!

p.s. just in case if you thought my handwriting is actually that neat, I cheated! Well, I used a little trick I picked up in primary school art class – I printed out the phrases, coloured the back with a blunt pencil, and traced over the top to leave a graphite mark on the notebooks before writing with my Sharpie pen!