We’re not sure why but South America had never really appealed to Jimmy or me in the past, but when our friends invited us to their wedding in Uruguay, it seemed crazy to pass up on the offer, and I’m so so glad we went!

We spent our first week of the trip in Argentina, mostly in Patagonia, before meeting up with friends in Buenos Aires for the weekend.

I can’t even begin to descibe to you how beautiful and diverse the Patagonian landscape is. On our first full day, we did the Mini Trekking tour on the Perito Moreno Glacier and it’s honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done!

We were picked up from our hotel (Miyazato Inn) in El Calafate bright and early as it was a good 2 hour drive to get to the port (including hotel pick ups). When we finally caught our first glimpse of the glacier, the coach starting playing sounds of applause and cheers, and then, I kid you not, Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina!

We then took a 20 minute boat ride across the Rico arm of the Argentino Lake to reach the Perito Moreno Glacier. Can you tell someone’s excited? ;)

After storing our packed lunch in the shelter, we followed our billingual guide (Spanish and English) along the lake’s shore, learning about glaciology along the way, until we reached the edge of the glacier. We got fitted with crampons and set off for our mini trekking adventure for the next couple of hours!

We saw crevasses, streams, lagoons, and of course we had to taste the pure-as-pure-can-be glacier water!

The weather wasn’t brilliant (we were lucky that the trip went ahead at all as it was cancelled the day before due to high winds!), but when the sun managed to peek through the clouds, it was magical!

And nothing could have prepared me for how incredibly blue the glacier was! I’m not gonna go into the science of it, but basically the more compressed/dense the ice is, the more blue it is.

We ended our trek with some Whisky on the rocks. Now I’m not a huge Whisky fan, but somehow the glacier ice almost made it yummy!

After having our lunch at the shelter, we took the boat back and had the chance to go the viewing platforms for these breathtaking views:

I’m going to leave you with this… all I can say is, if you’re going to Argentina, you HAVE to go to Perito Moreno!

Stay tuned for our other South American adventures!