Image credit: Oliver Bonas

Hello! Hope you had a good weekend despite the crazy weather! Mr ling yeung b had his boys over for an all-weekend XBox marathon. Being the queen of procrastination that I am, instead of doing something constructive like unpacking or doing more DIY, I popped out into the shops instead. I had an excuse though… they took over the kitchen table so I had no worktop to work on! ;)

Anyway, I went into Oliver Bonas and oh boy, I FELL IN LOVE with their new copper range. Having stood in front of one cabinet for 10 minutes, and being asked by several very friendly staff if I was ok, I eventually came home with one large terrarium. That required a LOT of self-control I tell you… I seriously could have come home with the entire range!

Here are my favourites! There was also a beautiful large jewellery box, but they don’t seem to have it online…

1) Hanging frame, from £10 2) Square tray, from £12 3) Round hanging mirror, from £35 4) Hanging frame with ribbon, from £3.50 5) Terrarium, from £28 6) Votive lantern, from £8.50