I’ve been procrastinating quite a bit on the blogging front lately…

It’s not that I lack materials to write about (I have a million saved drafts that will probably never see the light of day) or have some sort of writer’s block, but sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes there’s better fun to be had, and sometimes… I just can’t be bothered!

There, I’ve said it!

I sound like a TERRIBLE blogger, don’t I? But is it really so bad that sometimes I’d rather live in the moment than constantly think “ohhhh I need to take photos and blog about this”? The truth is… I don’t really view myself as a blogger at all. I mean… just because I like to dabble in photography and watercolour and calligraphy doesn’t really make me a photographer or artist or calligrapher, does it?

(Oh… how I wish I could be all three though…)

Although this blog is a sort of therapy and creative outlet for myself, sometimes it’s hard to not get drawn to numbers and stats. When I first started blogging, I religiously churned out two posts a week because all the blogging 101’s say you should post frequently and regularly to engage your readers. I’m using the word “churn” deliberately. There were definitely times when I wrote just for the sake of writing something. Some of my earlier posts are totally cringeworthy - honestly, what was I thinking? - and often I consider deleting them when I re-read them. I’m sure I’ll say the same about this post a year from now but I guess at least that (hopefully) shows I’m making progress, right…?!

Anyway, I digress.

My point is, I’ve barely blogged the last couple of months, my (tiny, to begin with) readership is going down, and I started feeling guilty… until my husband reminded me that we set out to blog for our own enjoyment so we shouldn’t get too caught up in numbers and all (says he who’s the one comparing stats between our two blogs, ha!).

That said, I do wholeheartedly appreciate it when a friend decides to do one of my DIYs, or a long lost friend or stranger gets in touch to say they’ve enjoyed reading my blog!

I shall get back on my blogging track soon… Behind the screen, I’ve been experimenting with watercolour with some fantastic online tutorials, attended an amazing modern calligraphy workshop, and discovered some cool new places in Paris, and I can’t wait to share with you all soon! In the meantime, do follow me on Instagram where I share daily snippets of my creative journey, travels, whatever inspires me… and lots of pretty flowers, some of which are included in the collage above.

And if there are any tech savvy ladies and gents amongst you here - I’m not even going to pretend I understand the content ;) - here’s a link to Jimmy’s blog!