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If Queen Victoria were still alive, I’m not sure the Hamptons would quite be her summer residence of choice, nor would she need a stopover with her private jet, but this is the best description I’ve managed to come up with so far of how I’m going to do up the new house.

Unfortunately, apart from some heavily papered (4 layers to be precise!) lath and plaster walls, all of the original features have been ripped out by the previous owners. Whilst I prefer a more classic style, the last owners re-did the entire ground floor and garden in a very modern style. Given the age and history behind the Victorian property, I think that’s a real shame and am determined to bring back some character!

I told one potential builder I wanted to mix things up a little and bring back some period features; he practically laughed in my face! Surprise surprise, he didn’t get the job… but it did get me thinking. Is it really so crazy to mix old and new? I’m not talking about hanging tapestries on walls here! All I want to do is install some pretty coving and ceiling roses, and maybe restore a fireplace or two!

I’m terrible at being told what to do, but I’m even worse at being told what NOT to do! That, combined with my stubborn gene (I clearly take after my late mum!) means I’m desperate to prove Mr Silly Builder wrong.

I’m not very good at describing what I want, so I prefer to do it with photos. Afterall, they do say a picture paints a thousand words, right?

Image credit: Apartment Therapy

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Image credit: Rose Uniacke

Image credit: Rose Uniacke

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