Loire, image credit: Feather and Black

Every cloud has a silver lining, right? The non-stop downpour today was perfect for a (mini) lie-in! You already saw a little sneaky peek of my bed - Loire, from Feather and Black - in the last post. Today, I’m going to share with you my research on how to choose a bed, and a few options we considered.

1) Size it up

The best way to make sure that a bed (or any furniture) fits in the space you have is to mark it out with masking tape. It also helps you visualise whether the room will look too cramped once the bed arrives. I’ve used this trick for my sofa and dining table as well!

2) Divan beds

Divan beds come with either pocket springs, which give a softer top, or a solid base, which gives a firmer feel.


  • They tend to be a little cheaper than other bed types.
  • Many come with built-in drawers, so are very handy if you’re short on storage space.


  • They often come ready-built, so could be a problem if you have tight corners to manouvre.
  • They tend to be taller than other bed frames, so visually they look as if they take up more space.
  • You don’t get the same amount of ventilation through the mattress as you do with slatted bed frames, so probably not one for those who get hot easily!
  • From personal experience, divan beds that come in two parts often become unhooked, so you’ll have to lift the heavy mattress and realign once in a while.

3) Storage beds

Storage beds come with either drawers or an ottoman-style storage space under the slats.


  • Lots of storage space!
  • Ottoman-style storage beds often have an easy to handle mechanism, and are perfect if your room is too small for drawers to open.


  • Storage beds are often very bulky and heavy, so it may be difficult to clean under the bed.

4) Bedsteads

Bedsteads, in my option, are the most versatile option. They are composed of a (slatted) base, headboard and legs, and come in all sorts of styles and materials.


  • Many styles and materials to choose from - wooden, upholstered, metal, etc.
  • They usually come flat packed, so are perfect if you have narrow hallways or tight staircases.
  • It’s easy to clean under the bed.
  • They allow constant air flow through the mattress, which is both good for you and the longevity of the mattress.


  • Storage under bedsteads could look messy.
  • If the slats are too far apart, you won’t get very good support, and the mattress will also get more wear and tear! Make sure they are no more than 10cm apart if you go for this option!

We absolutely love the bed frame we have, but here are a few other frames we considered:

Amelie, image credit: Feather and Black

Lille, image credit: Feather and Black

Antoinette, image credit: Loaf

Louis, image credit: Loaf