Hello sunshine!

I’m so excited to share with you my first ever Styling The Seasons blog post! Styling The Seasons is the gorgeous brainchild of Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots. This monthly challenge encourges us to reflect on and style our homes according to the change of seasons, and this month is extra fun because they have teamed up with at{mine} - a new online community for home and design enthusiasts - to host a floral wreath making workshop for April’s #StylingSpringAtMine winners.

So what does April mean to me?

To me, April is the real start of spring; longer days (hallelujah to leaving work in daylight!) and colours popping up everywhere. Spring brings with it some of my favourite blooms - ranunculus, anemone, daffodils, magnolia, and blossoms. I’m obsessed with blossoms! In spring, I take twice as long to walk from A to B just because I’m distrated by all the pretty colours, and I’m compelled to snap away on my phone or camera.

There’s also one reason why April is extra special to me… it’s my - and also my ling yeung b blog’s - birthday month!!! =)

So what’s my inspiration for April’s styling?

Although I’m styling for spring, the colours I’ve chosen are pretty muted. I do love a bright, cheerful bouquet of flowers, but subconciously I’m always drawn back to soft hues. What most people consider as cool colours are actually my happy colours! I was beginning to think I’m a bit weird until I recently read The Brand Stylist’s insightful blog post on colour psychology, and it all made sense! I always thought I’m a spring sort of person (I’m a spring baby afterall) but it turns out I have much more of a summer personality, which explains why my house is all shades of greys (no pun intended)!

We moved into our own home last June, and inherited a perfectly functional but not very pretty radiator that’s bang in the middle of the only plain wall in our open plan kitchen/dining room! That wall receives gorgeous light through the light well above our dining table, as well as from the adjacent bi-fold doors. It’s where I like to faff and take most of my photos, but it’s always a pain to try and avoid snapping the radiator. Since spring is all about new beginnings, I decided that I’m going to embrace the radiator and use it as my #stylingtheseasons surface!

We picked up these pretty hyacinths and muscari on Winchester high street during one of our Easter weekend strolls. I love how none of the flowers have quite bloomed, yet you can just tell it’s going to burst into life any day now!

I’m also a little bit chuffed with my last minute DIY garland! I originally styled the wall with just my new Origrami prints (the colours weren’t as vibrant as I would have expected - has anyone experienced the same?), but it was looking a bit bare so I quickly made the garland with some paper and wallpaper samples I had lying around, a circle punch, tape and a bit of string! Not bad for a 10 minute DIY, huh? ;) x