If I have to describe October in two words, I’d choose nesting and pumpkins.

For me, October is the true autumn (let’s face it, November in the UK might as well be the middle of winter!), the quieter bridge between all the summer outdoor fun and Christmas festivities. Weekends are no longer a scarce commodity taken up by endless weddings and gatherings, which means I can potter around the house and nest!

So far, hubby and I have planted a large planter of wildflowers and two anemone and tulip bulb lasagnes (I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that they actually flower), put up photos on the living room wall, fixed the fridge and leaky bath tap, cleared everything out from the attic and spare bedroom, and started sorting through things that we really should have sorted through before moving in almost 18 months ago.

But what I’m most excited about is that we finally (!) bought the last piece of furniture for the living room, a gorgeously painted vintage bureau that fits snugly in the alcove next to the chimney breast!

My blue and white porcelain ginger jar and vases finally have a home, but they look a little lonely by themselves. I thought it’s only fair that I make them some companions, and so my blue and white porcelain inspired Chinoiserie pumpkins were born!

I could write detailed instructions, but really there’s no need coz it’s so easy peasy.

I searched for some patterns online to use as reference, spray painted the pumpkins white (I used paper mache ones but you could use real ones too), then took to them with a blue Sharpie marker! I did try to paint with acrylic paint initially, but found it hard to control such fine strokes with a stiff brush. The only tip I have is make sure you wait until the spray paint is completely dry, otherwise it wouldn’t fully pick up the pigment from the marker… I learnt it the hard way…

And that’s it, voila!

I hope you’re having a lovely month so far! Can’t wait to see everyone else’s October Styling The Seasons!


Styling The Seasons is a project run by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts & Lots. To join in, simply style a surface in your home to reflect what each month means to you. Blog, tweet or ‘gram a photo of your styled space using #StylingTheSeasons!