Once upon a time (well, a few weeks ago), Jim and Lil set off on an adventure, weaving through the hidden and mysterious streets of… er… South Kensington, in search of the magical mirror.

More about their fairytale adventure in just a second, but first, intrepid explorers needed to be watered and fed! Lil’s been going to the Kensington Creperie since her uni days, and even though it’s had a bit of a makeover/extension, it still holds a special little place in her heart (and tummy).


Tartiflette is her guilty pleasure on a cold winter’s day (as it was the case), but the Portuguese is equally yummy! Go for a galette as the buckwheat flour offers extra depth to savoury crepes.

Whilst feasting on their galettes and hot chocolate, Lil revealed to her husband the challenge they were about to embark on - to solve a trail of clues set by an evil queen (via SMS), leading them to the Enchanted Mirror so they could discover who really was the wisest of them all.



Upon entering the grand Victoria and Albert Museum, they announced to the staff that they had come in search of the Enchanted Mirror and were presented with a secret scroll.


The clues that followed led them over the seven jewelled hills, beyond the seventh fall and into the deadly forest.

They whispered secret codes to strangers, saw through tricks and challenges thrown at them by tavern owners, but also tasted a few sweet treats and brews along the way.

Despite nearly being deceived by other adventurers also seeking the mirror at one point, they triumphed in their quest and solved the final riddle!

And they lived happily ever after.

The End.

If you think you’re brave enough to take on this challenge, gather your most trusted advisors! The Enchanted Mirror trail, organised by Hidden City, has been extended to run until 11th February (although the price for a team of up to four people has gone up to £60 since we went). Not available before then, or don’t live in London? Fear not, they have a variety of other trails, including some in Brighton, Manchester and York!