If you’re hosting a dinner party and need a super simple dessert that a) can be made in advance, and b) has the wow factor, then this could be the perfect recipe for you!


Serves 6 3 large egg yolks 2 large egg whites 50g caster sugar 250g mascarpone 24 sponge fingers 150ml strong coffee 50g chocolate (I prefer dark!) 6 Oreo cookies (with the cream centre removed) Mint leaves to garnish


1) Beat the egg whites with an electric mixer on medium speed until soft peaks are formed.

2) In a seperate bowl, whisk the egg yolks on high speed and gradually add in the sugar. Continue mixing for a few minutes until the mixture becomes mousse-like.

3) In a third bowl, gently beat the mascarpone and gradually beat in the egg yolk mixture. Make sure everything is well incorporated before adding more. When the mixture is smooth, lightly fold in the egg whites with a spatula.

4) Pour the coffee into a shallow bowl. Break the biscuits in half and dip into the coffee one at a time (sponge side down, sugar side up) as they become soggy very quickly!

5) Layer each container with sponge fingers, followed by the mascarpone mixture and then grate a little chocolate over the top. Repeat until you run out of everything. Cover with clingfilm and chill in the fridge for a few hours.

6) Put the Oreo cookies in a ziplock bag and crush using a rolling pin. I like mine a little coarse but it’s entirely up to you!

7) Right before serving, spoon some Oreo “soil” over your tiramisu pots and garnish with mint leaves.

If you prefer a slighly tipsy version, try adding 3 tablespoons of dark rum, tia maria or marsala wine to the coffee!

My top tips!

1) To get the perfect soft peaks when beating egg whites, make sure a) your eggs are at room temperature, b) your bowl and beaters are both clean and grease-free, and c) your egg whites aren’t contaminated by any specks of egg yolk at all. Soft peaks should collapse a little when you lift the beaters out of the bowl.

2) Be gentle when folding in the egg whites. Don’t ever be tempted to stir, otherwise you’ll knock the air out and the mixture will become dense!