You may remember from my first ever blog post that Jimbo and I had three weddings last year. Before the weddings (and occasionally now), a lot of people asked us which one we were going to celebrate as our anniversary. Well, there was never any doubt in my mind - the Paris one was the “real” one despite it being not legally binding. And how time flies, Jimbo and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last Sunday!

Looking back, it’s been a very mixed year. Paris was amazing. Highcliffe Castle was awful. Hong Kong was… random. Highcliffe was so bad I ran away from guests during cocktail hour to help the catering staff set up, and had to hide in the toilet half way through the meal (to cry). It is ridiculously rude of me, but I still can’t bring myself to entertain the thought of writing thank you cards 10 months on, and I probably never will. We attended a wedding recently and the mother of the bride excitedly said to me “Oh it’s wonderful, isn’t it? You know how it feels!”. My first thoughts (I didn’t say this out loud!) were “Erm… Anger? Depression? Helplessness?” but I managed to force a smile, and thank God Jimmy stepped in to say something civilised!

I know quite a few people were upset that we chose to elope and refuse to acknowledge our civil wedding. This is entirely selfish, but if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing (except maybe have the guts to cancel Highcliffe and Hong Kong).

And so onto our Paris highlights! =)

Photography: Chris Mee Studios Makeup: Charles Gillman Hair: Danielle Carson Celebrant: Francesca at Wedding Celebrant Paris Car and chauffeur: Chauffeur Car Paris Dinner: Salon Privé at Lapérouse