How is it October already???

No more barbeques, no more chilling in the garden (unless you want to take the literal meaning), but it doesn’t mean no more having guests over!

My friend and I have had this date in the diary for aaaaaages, but we only came up with the idea of afternoon tea a couple of days ago. Any excuse to use my DIY vintage cake stands! ;)

I had quite an ambitious plan, but with work being super busy, I didn’t have time to prep until today… so I scaled back my plan a little, and the result isn’t too shabby for a couple of hours’ work, huh?

The bottom savoury tiers are smoked salmon and prawn open sandwiches on rye bread, inspired by our recent trip to Copenhagen.

Middle tier is of course scones, complete with clotted cream and Fortnum and Mason’s strawberry and champagne jam!

It’s my first attempt at scones using this Jane Hornby recipe, and I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. But the question is - jam first then cream, or cream then jam?

For sweets, I made these little tea-ramisu cups.

Ok, I cheated on this one… I didn’t have time to bake little cookies so I bought some instead. They’re a great find from the pound shop by the way!

Right, time for another cuppa! x